WW1 centennial edition Overview :

‘’Home before the leaves fall!’’ all men mobilized in August 1914 are convinced of this evidence, so strong is the belief that, whatever their motherland is, this war will be short and victorious. However, the Austro-Serb incident at Sarajevo became an awful slaughter of four long and bloody years … Will YOU be able to prevent that outcome?


At the head of your nation, member of the Central Powers, the Allies or Neutral, find the strategy that will lead to the most vital objective: peace without defeat. 

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You will play as Kitchener, Joffre, Luddendorf, Clemenceau, Czar Nicholas II or Enver Pasha. Supreme Commander of Armies or Head of State, the tools for victory are lying around, but could you identify them in time and, next, use them to maximum efficiency?


At the Grand Headquarters, you move your armies, try to coordinate maneuvers with your allies, to bring upon the enemy the major and decisive battle, even more so than La Marne, Tannenberg or Verdun.  You can reach that aim by nominating the right generals, or firing incompetent ones, and by timely using your reserves to counter enemy breakthroughs or exploit yours.


Should this be insufficient, you have then to try changing your military doctrine, fighting tactics that derived from them and to have new weapons such as planes, tanks, gas and light machine-guns enter service…

Sustain constant research, to keep ahead of the technological race in all fields, as you will not know in advance which is going to bring you victory.


Don’t forget the admiralty and your mighty battleships fleets, and send them patrolling the oceans to ensure constant and free supply for the country, shipment of reinforcement from the colonies or overseas, to strike decisive blows to enemy morale by sinking its trade or its ships, in a great naval battle more titanic than Jutland itself. Remember, as Wilhelm II, that your future lies on the seas, but beware of mines and submarines! 

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Mastery of the seas and colonies, yours as well as those of your opponent, will largely contribute to improve your war economy mobilization, should that of the men did not bring the expected victory in the first months and battles of summer 1914.  Be it in Rome, Vienna, Petrograd or any other capital, your decisions at the head of the government are vital: when should you produce « en masse » for the army and navy?

Should you bind or free the press, suppress strikes, revolts or mutinies? Will your public opinion support or doom your regime? From National Unity to Revolution, the path is often shorter and more dangerous than you think, when you are unable to maintain the fighting spirit and national will of the country.


If necessary, send your diplomatic envoys and embassies to neutral foreign offices, in an effort to convince new nations to join your side and upset the balance of power, broadening fronts and the global scope of the war. This might well cost you territorial concessions to the sacred egoism of some still neutral powers, but who cares when the goal is to precipitate the downfall of your major foe.


But expect that some Mata Hari, Lenin, Lawrence of Arabia or any other character or event might suddenly upset your ideal and perfect strategy!


The Great War lasted 4 long years due to, partly, rigid preconceived ideas and a lack of flexibility in the military, economic, political and diplomatic fields: it is yours to take the challenge and achieve victory as soon as possible, as you might find yourself no better than the losers on Armistice Day. Prove that even a compromise peace is achievable and that this one is really the war to end all wars!

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